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12 September 2012

Another Moxie Fab Gallon/Quart/Pint entry

These challenges continue to inspire me!  Here's another entry for the Moxie Fab Gallon/Quart/Pint Challenge - full details are here (check the other amazing submissions while you're there).

Gallon: Yellow
Quart: Lavender
Pint: Red

CR84FN62 - second interpretation

In the mail today I received the cutest washi tape and butterfly dies, so I practiced with them by having a second crack at CR84FN Color Challenge 62.  Loving these colours!

 I also saw an image of a gorgeous top today that reflects these colours...I'm tempted to get it!
Source: http://www.birdsnest.com.au/brands/metalicus/23337-harajuku-wrap-skirt#JetBlack

09 September 2012

CR84FN62 + Moxie Fab Focal Point

I looooooove all shades of purple, but it doesn't seem to be as popular as other colours amongst cardies/scrappers - why is that? Anyway, I was chuffed to see that this CR84FN Color Challenge 62 coincided with my best chum's birthday (she's a fanatic for purple too, and butterflies). Hope she likes it!

Update: In retrospect, I thought this one might suit the Moxie Fab World Focal Point Challenge, so I've submitted it there too.

01 September 2012

Moxie Fab Repetition Challenge

Another for the Moxie Fab Repetition Challenge!
I tend to think repetition works well surrounded by lots of neutral space (in this case white).



The circus is in town, so this one was easily inspired and quick!

Moxie Fab Focal Point, Movement and Repetition Challenges

Can you tell I'm really getting into these awesome Moxie Fab challenges?!

So here's an example of where three design principles come together neatly (I think?!)...focal point, movement and repetition.
Where do you first look? The central geisha? The concave floral background draws your attention inward to focus on the three geisha's. The two blue fans radiate from the central geisha, further drawing your eye inward (blue to match her kimono).  I've also poofed her hair slightly to distinguish her from her chums, which also adds to the sense of movement - your eye moves around the card in a circular motion, drawn down to absorb the three blue rhinestones then across the bottom fan to absorb the sky blue of the rose, before heading back up over the top fan to settle once again on the central geisha.  The notches taken from the corners are designed to soften the hard angles, which helps to lead your eye around that central panel.