Welcome to my creative space! My name is Amy Burke and I am inspired. Card making is one of my current passions and I am honoured that you've taken the time to share it with me. Enjoy!

25 August 2012

Moxie Fab Gallon/Quart/Pint Challenge

Here's one I created for the Moxie Fab Gallon/Quart/Pint Challenge.  I bought this ribbon at a fair recently, but had no particular project in mind (other than a burning need to get out the acetate again).  Then when I read up on the concept of designing in thirds, I knew this ribbon was my starting point - with the colours apricot, brown and pink being my 'thirds'. 
Brown is a favorite of mine, as it can pull so many colours together, so that is my Gallon (you could argue it's a neutral and therefore doesn't count as one of the thirds, but in this case I think the neutral is white and the brown becomes a feature).  I chose to bring out the apricot as my Quart (I get a bit tired of pink with two little girls under 5!) so I added a strip of apricot, stitched to help tie in the fabric texture of the ribbon with the card. The pink then becomes my Pint.

Moxie Fab Movement Challenge - Part 2

Here's another attempt at flow and movement for the Moxie Fab Movement Challenge.
Even though the peas in their pod are the focal point, my eye actually starts on the big curl of the vine first, then flows down through the pod to move over the sentiment (a flowing style of lettering with a hint of curl to compliment the quilled vine).  I also rounded that bottom left corner to encourage a smooth flow, then rounded the opposite corner for balance.

Moxie Fab Movement Challenge

This is another submission I created for the Moxie Fab World. It is for the Movement Challenge primarily, but also fits nicely into the Asymmetry Challenge (can I enter this card twice Cath?). These two challenges have been the most influential by far.
I don't know about you, but my eye actually processes the pink space above first, before sweeping through the sentiment, buttons and wood grain to flow right off the edge.  The most challenging part I found was achieving balance AND movement, so I positioned the three buttons centrally.  I also created a version with the wood grain flowing horizontally rather than vertically, but it upset the balance and gave it a lopsided feel.

Moxie Fab Focal Point Challenge

Cath over in the Moxie Fab World is running a series of challenges that compliment design themes presented in the new Card Design Handbook by Papercrafts Magazine.  You can read all about it here
I created this card for the Focal Point Challenge and hopefully I'll have time to submit a couple more projects!

24 August 2012

Mobile home

I found a quirky font here (no lettering, but a series of cute little cottages), then hand drew the snail.  She looks kinda snooty doesn't she?  Maybe she's moving because she's fed up with her neighbours.

2 y.o. birthday favorite!

Ladybug or Ladybird?

Golden leaves

His (hers) and Hers

Cherry special friends


Vintage damask

Gypsy sisters pad by Kaisercraft

Pink tartain


Nauticly inspired