Welcome to my creative space! My name is Amy Burke and I am inspired. Card making is one of my current passions and I am honoured that you've taken the time to share it with me. Enjoy!

06 December 2011

Satin peacock

Inspired by some amazingly talented peeps on Pintrest.

Foxy stoat!

Below: Envelope detail

Tell me if you got the Young Ones reference!

Angus turns 4

I recently made a version of this for someone else, but they couldn't see their name (sorry Scott)!  So, lessons learnt, the colour on this contrasts much more, the outer border is wider and the line of text (Angus) is narrower to leave space above and below.

PS, Happy Birthday Angus!

Strip tease

Q: Strip tease, huh?
A: Well, I felt 'teased' by all the options in a new paper pad I received, so I created 'strips' to showcase my favorites.

Mauve smiles

Oval flutter

Button rainbow

Button rainbow

Beech grove