Welcome to my creative space! My name is Amy Burke and I am inspired. Card making is one of my current passions and I am honoured that you've taken the time to share it with me. Enjoy!

18 January 2012

Global farewell

This jumbo card is robustly designed (I hope) for much handling and signing in my workplace. Appropriately masculine? I think so. My boss is leaving for another Division, so the 'global' theme represents the international nature of our work and the travel he's undertaken since joining our Division. Good luck Bill!

On the cover, each tag labels a different destination he's travelled to, with a heart button (top left) affixed to our own Division and an aeroplane brad (bottom right) about to 'land' in the new Division). The cover and back page papers are an image of a vintage nautical map (second picture below shows Titan ruling the deep).

This card also happily compliments the Moxie Fab World - Map to your heart challenge - lots of fun, go check it out!