Welcome to my creative space! My name is Amy Burke and I am inspired. Card making is one of my current passions and I am honoured that you've taken the time to share it with me. Enjoy!

25 October 2011

Lacey vintage circle

I learnt a lot doing this one - it challenged my usual style of clean and bright.


Like the girl in my previous post, this tree is hand drawn, coloured with copics and embossed.

Girlish charm

I hand drew this little girl and coloured her with Copic markers (my very first attempt using Copics - I'll never turn back, thanks Sissy!!)

Autumn breeze

Above: Interior

09 October 2011

Over in the meadow

Again, hard to tell in this photo, but the sun is actually a flower stamp and the sheep wool is made using liquid pearl.  The card folds out into an accordion with three panels.

Summery thanks


It's difficult to tell in a photo, but this card has a very 'quilted' texture.  This was achieved by backing the patterned card with felt, then stitching and dry hand-embossing each diamond.  I applied liquid crystal to the fabric leaf and flower petal and allowed it to soak in, resulting in that moist look.

Nautical flotsam

Another challenge - masculine cards!  Here's one I'm finally happy with.

Garden shower

These stitched pearl raindrop cards seem to be popular with the locals, so here's a variation on the original theme.

Pretty in pink

I love pink and am surrounded by it at home constantly, but I find it hard to work with - particularly matching different shades of pink together.  In the end I kept it simple and used walnut, white and gold colours to harmonise the different pinks.

OZ poppies

Neutral thanks

Ladybugs all tied up

Black and white damask